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Scroll Chiller
We have in portfolio, both air cooled and water cooled scroll chillers, which can operate even in high temperature environment. Both are automatic chillers, which are reliable, easy to operate and maintain. 
Reciprocating Chillers
Get in touch with us to buy water cooled and air cooled reciprocating chillers. When it comes to energy efficiency factor or which chiller can operate under high temperature, customers can select any from the two. 
Online Chillers
Our company supplies air cooled online chillers for industrial sectors, like manufacturing units an pharmaceutical plant; and commercial sectors, like hospitals, multiplexes, educational institutes, health centers, etc. 
Screw Chillers
Whether you want water cooled or air cooled screw chiller, just come to us. Our company produces such type of chillers in addition to different other types of chiller for commercial and industrial sectors. 
Water Chilling Plant
Connect with us if your requirement is regarding water chilling plant. Our company produces this line that includes variants, like air cooled and water cooled water chilling plant. 
Plate Chiller
Plate chiller is one of the most commonly used type of chiller that is used in breweries. This chiller is known for its portability, fast chilling process, reduced cooling time, and reduced water consumption. 
Here you will find different models of cooling towers. The work of every model is to provide cooled water for purposes, like manufacturing, generating electric power, air conditioning, etc. 
Air Dryer
We have both refrigerated and compressed air dryers. An air dryer is needed for removing moisture from the air. Both air dryers work differently to remove that moisture. 
Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs)
In a plate heat exchanger, fluid flows between the channels created by adjacent plates and is divided into parallel streams. This equipment is required in air conditioning, petroleum refinery, space heating, etc.